Brain wave music

Brain wave entrainment music is  music that automatically syncronizes your brainwaves  to oscillate at deeper levels, than at the normal wake state.

Brain Wave Frequencies.

You have often been in the Alpha state numberless times, without being aware of it.

• While driving your car and having passed a lot of traffic lights without registering whether the lights were red, yellow or green. Who was driving the car? Your subconscious mind.

• While drifting into a pleasant daydream and forgetting all about your surroundings.

You pass through the Alpha state every night when you lie down to sleep and you doze inward. You automatically slide from consciousness into subconsciousness.

The Alpha state can also be reached through self-hypnosis ( autosuggestion ) or in light meditation. In the Alpha state, you are calm, relaxed, focused internally, daydreaming, dozing.

* Delta wave – ( 0.1 to 3 Hz)

* Theta waves – ( 4-7.5 Hz)

* Alpha wave – ( 7.5 to 14 Hz)

* Beta wave – ( 14 – 30 Hz)

Delta waves reside at a very low frequency about 0.1 to 3 Hz, which is the frequency that our brain waves oscillate in when we are in deep dreamless sleep.

Theta waves are located between 4 and 7.5 Hz . This level is typical for deeper sleep or meditation states. Beta is the frequency that characterizes our “awake” conscious life where we make rational logical and critical decisions. This is also where we “feel alert”.

Each app is built over a topic. You can choose a topic that suits the goals you have. The topics range from smoking, losing weight, altering selfesteem, being more aware  of thoughts, mental training, inner focus, meditation, relaxation and wellbeing.

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